What is Alif Buterinote

What is Alif Buterinote

Since its birth in 1998 on May 1, Alif Buterinote was a simple boy and respectful behavior. In his life on earth, Alif always hated life of dependency and underestimate why he always looks for the life of freedom, peace and human rights in addition to duties; this life of peace, non-violence. In 2005 in his childhood, he began to go to different theaters of the city of Goma (DRC) North Kivu. He was too fond of Chinese and American films in her childhood, where in 2008 he rema…de class following his love of film. In 2009, he joined a local film group Goma whose name is GCV (Group Film Vibration) that same year after it was founded by Abdul Bahizi in July fades due to lack of money for production scenarios in the group. As a young boy of 11 at the time already has a vision to achieve in the film, he with his friend, the founder of LCM Group Abdul Bahizi, go to the center for artistic creation and cultural exchanges Yole! Africa in this They year 2009 benefited formations initiations world of cinema by Sekombi Katondolo who was the director of the center at the time. In 2010 for the first time, this 12 year old following a workshop at the International Film Festival son of schools organized by FESTIMAJ in 2010 Yole! Africa by Jules Luminaud and Anne-Claude Lumette. As end product of the workshop, the director Jules Luminaud made a film “SAPILO BUT NOT TOO” whose main actor was Alif Buterinote. In 2011 and late 2010, he participated in SKIFF where he still participates in some workshops for the production of film and audiovisual in Congo. It is in 2012 qu’Alif Buterinote begin professional training in film with director director Congolese Petna Ndaliko Katondolo which is a film professor at the University of Noth Carolina Chapel Hill and the USA. In 2013, he directed his first film “MULUBE” of 3 minutes; his second film “AFRICAN HAND” and third “BOMOYI YAKO YIKAMPIKO” towards the end of this year. Note that the young Congolese director still continued to participate in SKIFF (Salaam Kivu International Film Festival) where he continued to attend workshops in cinema with filmmakers such as Nelson Walker, Lynn True, Donald Mugisha, … In 2014, he will be selected from film students in the Alternative to Tv program Yole! Africa where he will be for 6 months with Petna Ndaliko Katondolo and for a week with Mathieu Roy (Canadian filmmaker) and Jeremy Gilley (British filmmaker) during SKIFF 2014 Note also that the Congolese director draft film production company in the country the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and a national film festival of Congolese Rhumba and modern Nzango. In the future, he has a film project which he wrote the screenplay (feature film 100 minutes) and he calls his gold project with the title “MOBEMBO.”


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