The victory of the African culture in the face of wars"La terre de mon art""
The nature composed of mountains, rivers, soil, subsoil, atmosphere, plants, microbes, ... is under the domination animal including humans ensures unity.
Since the creation of the world by the Creator, which is a mystery beyond human comprehension, the man was given the power to ensure the unity of all creation by his work, producing course. The fruits of his labor must be available ç meet the needs of its neighbors who are in need to create harmony within human society, respecting the authentic sense of domination, live traditional African society, according to tradition . But also live the unity in love with as a sign of charity.
Similarly, each people has received his lifestyle and survive on earth, under the sun, that is to say a pure and authentic culture of nature but the resemblance of all these apparently different cultures is respect for the dead. It is known to honor the dead as support as they were still alive.
By this primitive human nature, mainly in Africa where we can say "Our ancient Africa (before contact with Europeans) it was a paradise. People loved each other, helped each other, lived what we lack complementary to modern material wealth to approach the perfection of Community self-sufficiency that is missing in our lives in the twenty-first century "as keep these ancestral values; we simply good to honor this culture instead of restoring, in Africa, but we welcome acculturation that led to unrest, wars are gradually beginning to dissolve in vain because by African beliefs, ancestors watch over the living.
Despite wars experienced by Africa for years, it still manages to retain its traditional identity, shows the drum that plays the young dancer with the molten balls of fire that are swallowed by the power of his African drum " The land of my art "Alif Buterinote. We notice while reading this article, that the idea of ​​domination is not a question of monopoly or sowing conflict and repeated wars with its neighbor and then come in the mask sympathize with goods, the food, money for that then it depends on you while he is your target to be destroyed in the looting rather than cooperate with it for the product of their work meets your needs, you who are needy .
The idea of ​​cooperation, this is a debate any other that can even last for centuries for those who claim to be the strong, so that they arrive at least accept their weakness in "nature." So everyone wants to be the strongest. Who will lead the other? Which will cooperate with each other? Who will unite with the other? Who disponibilisera its products to another? It returns again to the problem of always wanting to have a monopoly, that is the only problem that then causes of terror in this world.
We are not obliged to accept this idea practically but theoretically it seems almost all be partisan, the sign of the freedom of expression that we live in this dark age, I qualify. When there is something that harmed our interests, regardless of the magnitude of change and development that can bring something to the community, we are always pressed to say we do not have to. The idea of ​​capitalism was improperly developed today, even if we kill sow all forms of terror, if they are not personally suffered is not serious, it grows rich anyway.
Humanity has lost and still wants to continue losing his good manners as there has technical or technological evolution. Weapons were manufactured to support bandits to destabilize other provided we get rich, contemporary slogan!
To get to restore value to our existence, as our human species, must know that cooperation in the unit is just the only way that can help us achieve the technical and moral development which we are always called to hone our confidence in ourselves, the proof is that victory, the resistance of traditional African culture wars repeatedly suffered this continent, we can kill but never a people's culture.
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