Written and directed by Buterinote Alif, produced by Djennyfer Dias, Alif Buterinote, Areco and Butpro.cd, "The land of my art" falls "Made in USA" is too present in the Great Lakes region, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
Most inhabitants of the Congolese territory, know the meaning of this American concept without knowing spoken or write the English language. It is a reality and this quite normal, but attractive artistic and scientific curiosity of the filmmaker Alif Buterinote. How is this concept seriously present in a red zone? To the point where even children master its meaning without knowing the English language?
This is a whole debate on this point, a long discussion for an easy understanding, a lot of ideas opposing complete without a path and without the visible horizon. Alif Buterinote said. It is generally believed that happiness alone is more important than that of other, contemporary thinking and destroying the world for personal interests are saying that we are more powerful than others. How can we boast of being a millionaire while there is someone in your entourage who lack even eat? And if it is clear, you absorb his chances to enrich you more? Where is the world going? The egocentrism and the ideology of happiness of some, the misfortunes of others, are feelings inherited from colonization by Europeans. These are thoughts always avoid to live in right relationship with each other. Returning to the concept "Made in USA" as in French we can say "Fabriqué aux États-Unis", we see that in this world i is nothing for nothing. I make you a weapon, you dais me money. When a person makes a weapon for his defense, did not he think of others? When the gun is bought to you, instead of thinking about disaster it will, we say that time is money! Where are we going? All our activities in this twenty-first century revolve around a single goal, to have money. When we sometimes forget that we are rich to the poor and we must live in charity. By always saying "I'm the only ...", it shows his weakness and cowardice at the thought that has been created to help others but not for himself, that's why, whenever this concept in question supports many positive and negative things in this world. It is with him that there are wars all over Africa. An African who uses a weapon where writing on "Made in USA" and said I would like one day to live in the United States to escape the death dance in Africa in a war going on there. By adopting this primitive thinking of origin, one lives directly in death unwittingly changing betrays his land being aware. But as we said: "In Africa there as wars," we're going. That is why it becomes a living death because we did not asked, "Where did these weapons that are wars in Africa? "In this country there is no arms factory. So how does it become a murderer territory? This may be to protect Western interests? Or the fight against global overpopulation? (= Parody)
This country, Africa has lost its ancestral values, good manners, his true identity. She was acculturated in colonization to today, perhaps, to live the dependence of "Made in USA" or perhaps, for her to say, "It is time, time to share in this world, our traditional values. "

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