La terre de mon art "The earth of my art"

La terre de mon art "The earth of my art"
"The earth of my art," the title of the documentary film of 17 minutes directed by filmmaker director Alif Buterinote towards the end of 2014 (December).
The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo long considered a red zone, is full of artistic potential and cultural values ​​so deafened by the sound of bursting bombs and crackling balls. In this murderous music for over 20 years, films, poems, songs, dance, drawing, and other forms of art are constantly denouncing the wealth of this region is the basis of all these wars repeat in this Congolese region.
The art is as effective means to educate the African population, the Congolese director Alif Buterinote note that it is not only educational tool, but also a way to interpellate the restoration of social well-being stifled by modernization. Modernisation does not mean stupidity, a line of the poem written by the poet Billy Kapund (young of the city of Goma) under the title "The absurd existence and restoration of our values."
This land, where rape is passed, looting, killing, war, was inhabited by educated men, hospitable, wise and that tended toward justice. But today, unconsciousness, selfishness, injustice and short disorder, characterized the lawlessness in African societies. How are we as African, arrived to restore and recreate the beautiful face (picture) of our land? Questioning by subject. But the answer can be simple if you know which is Emery Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara. Empowerment is acquired when one lives in love, that of the example of a family of a father, a mother and a child: they do a day without eating. The next day, the father goes early in the morning to get money for his family, but in vain. In the afternoon, he found nothing but money as a friend of his has done a very nice lawyer. The father was aware of the state of his family said: "My wife still has nothing to eat there one day, I keep that lawyer for her." Arriving home, he the lawyer to his wife (in the absence of the child). His wife takes it carefully and the father goes away. She in turn said, "My son still has not put in their mouths since yesterday, I keep this lawyer for him." Quick quick, she goes to get her son and gives him the lawyer (in the absence of the child's father). The mother party, the child said: "Since yesterday, my father has nothing put in their mouths, I keep this lawyer for him." At night the father returned. His son greets and gives the lawyer (in the absence of the mother). His father in the heart asks: "But the lawyer, is not the one I gave to my wife? ". Then he takes it and goes to join his wife with her child in hand and shared by all three the same lawyer.
This is the Africa that the world needs to see it in this world that Africa needs to see, that's the way of life that Africa seeks to develop is this love that 'African tasted there six centuries is this atmosphere that one can define wealth not always refer to the claws on things "Made in USA, Made in China, Made in Korea, Made in Japan, Made in England, Made in Asea, Made in Europa, ... "which only plunder the African basement Diamonds, Gold, Phosphate, Rubber, Copper, Cobalt, Silver, etc.
It is for this same reason that "The land of my art" was designed by filmmaker Alif Buterinote to raise consciousness in the Western countries armpits. Together we will develop charity we are called to live by the Bible, the Creator by sharing our sorrows, our joys, wealth, poverty and others.
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