Voice of an Independant EconomistWhen catastrophes happened in a community there is no rich, no poor, no class, no race whether you are a citizens of this country or not we all suffer because we are all human beings and we live in the same planet. Therefore, when this mega Catastrophe caused by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed all the infrastructures and landscapes of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and it surrounding cities: Petion Ville, Delmas, Carrefour, La Plaine, Leogane, Petit Goave, Miraguane, Jacmel, etc. Even the beautiful Haitian palace and the historical Catholic Church “The Cathedral” where not saved. Haiti is still not recovered from four consecutive hurricanes that ravage the north east part of the country in 2008.Today again the eyes and hears of the world are once again open to the lamentations and the devastations of this people. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere. The population is estimate to 9.000.000 people. Haiti per capita is US 400.OO a year, less than US1 a day per habitat. Haiti is about 700 miles to the coast of Florida, the boarder of United States. After its independence Haiti was occupied by the United States from 1915 to 1934. This country was governed by more than 70 dictators Papa Doc was elected president of Haiti in 1957 and in 1964 he proclaimed himself president for life. In 1971 Baby doc becomes president for life of Haiti. In 1984 a revolted of the population forced him to exile to Europe. In 1991 Jean Bertrand Aristide becomes the first democratic elected president of Haiti. He was overthrow by the military junta and returned to power by the United Nations in 1994. Since 2004 more than 7000 MINHUTSA and Peace Corps assured the peace keeping of the Haitian population. Today the country is under the elected president Rene Preval, after the departure of Jn. B. Aristide to Africa.As we know, often in the adversity good things happened. Probably Haiti needs this major Catastrophe in order for the scruples and the moral of the world to be alerted to the Haitian miseries. Probably this earth quake is the beginning of the construction of this new Haitian country after living for more than 200 years [1803-2010] in poverty, infrahuman situations, devastated, and archaic conditions. We all have to believe with the rest of the nations that Haiti development is possible “The dream of all Haiti people is to see one day their country is developed. They believe it will happen one day.” Today and ever, Haiti is presented as a challenge not only to the Haitians people to adapt to the mentality of change and work together to rebuild this country. But to all nations to understand humanity is one, but especially to the developments countries to play their real roles and participle in rebuilding Haiti. Yes we can! Together! The Haitian people have been living under the absolute poverty for too long. The Haitian people are very passive and hard working individuals. So, what is the reason they are the ones who always have to suffer of starvation? What is the reason they are deprave from the basic needs? What is the reason they are neglected by the rest of the world? Why? Why? Why? It is about time and long time due for the world to bring the communities together to help Haiti rebuilt itself.This time, this reconstruction will put Haiti in its way to development. President Obama, after the tragedy said: “His prayers go to the Haitian People in their sufferings and he declared Haiti country of emergency.” Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared Haiti: “country of emergency and said help is in the way to help rebuilt this country.” The all world is shock about the situation in Haiti and manifested the desire to help rebuild Haiti. Let us keep this momentum and rebuild this nation. As Haitian and a true compatriot I am and always for the rebuilding of Haiti. But the real question I want to ark is: What kind of rebuilding? If this rebuilding is to put Haiti to the level of a developing country, yes I am for this and I will work hard for this to happen. Today the cries of all the Haitian people are join to the rest of the world and to say like the New Orleans people” Never, and never again”. As Haitians, we also need to convert ourselves, we need to change our mentality and embrace this slogan: "MIN AMPIL CHAG PA LOU”. Also we need to go back to our anthem and start practicing the meanings of every word: "MARCHONS UNIS, MARCHONS UNIS, POUR LE DRAPEAU ET LA PATRIE." Because we are one Haiti needs to be able to establish a system to control and eliminate bad administrative practice and punish greed steal of group of people in the public administrations. Therefore, the community International needs to help Haiti reinforced the laws and punish severely those who steeled against the Haitian people. Also, the community International needs to help Haiti establish a system of management and control that is able to audit the Wealth of this nation (Finances, Economies, and human Capita as resources).But above all, one of the impacts for the development economic of Haiti is the decentralization of the economy activities toward all its "Departments" and "Communes." Meaning, establish a system of decentralization (by Department) of Haiti. Investing in all the communities in Haiti (North, South, East, West). Put jobs all over the "Departments" This form of development will keep everybody respectively working in their community. Also this system will eliminate the phenomena of migration of the population to one sector of Haiti (like Port-au-Prince) the ghetto or bidonvilization.Could somebody please tell me: why USAID doesn’t have a link on its website for people who want to volunteer"?Participate to this debate:Could Haiti Become the Next New Orleans For the Obama Administration?Daniel Austin, All rights reserved 1/18/2010
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