Live : Abdoulaye TRAORE

Abdoulaye TRAORE, Talented guitarist who made Burkina Faso be his source of richness.Real adventurer of all influences, he does not only play Mandingo music, but also touareg music, peule, wassoulou, blues, flamenco, slam… with an electric or acoustic guitar, with mandole; he has been tirelessly exploring… ________________________________________~~ Thursday 22nd July 2010 – 20:30 ~~Address: Olympic Café, 20 rue Léon, 75018 Paris – Entrance fee: 5€ - Metro: Château RougeElsewhere follow the Paris concerts on WebTv of the Olympic Café: www.rueleon.net________________________________________The African Dream is COORDINATOR of TALENTSORGANIZORS, MEDIA:- In Paris: We facilitate your access to their concert. Ask us a Pass through email: Elsewhere: If you cannot benefit from the heat of the Live show you can follow the concert of Abdoulaye TRAORE in live on WebTv of the Olympic Café: www.rueleon.net________________________________________An event supported by the African Dream an dits partners: Radio AFRICA N°1, AFRIK.COM, VOXAFRICA TV and the Olympic Café.To know more: www.lereveafricain.com________________________________________Association The African Dream n° : W313012437 - N° SIRET : 514 473 990 00018 Code APE : 9499Z – Contractor Licence N°2-1029949 & N°3-1029948 – Headquarters: Toulouse (France) – Contact email: - Official Website: - Myspace: - Twitte : - Facebook: - Youtube:
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